Welcome to Quarters

November 27, 2011

After a great deal of personal reflection and whiskey I have decided to team with my incredibly talented friend and, now, co-editor Michael Samuels to start what we hope will become the voice of the generation entrusted with the future of the “American Dream.”

Of course, the fact that most of us in this particular generation think the idea of an all-encompassing “American Dream” (outside of the one Hunter S. Thompson imagined) is irrelevant. Cynical as many of us are, we have to hope for that city on a hill, or the invisible hand that will guide us to financial viability. We’re all hoping for hope in one way or the other, aren’t we?

I think we are. Regardless of the many issues that divide us — political, racial, geographical, financial, whatever — we all really want the same things. We want peace. We want quiet. we want innovation — scientific, political and societal.

In short… we want harmony. Thus, we’ve come to this.

This is the proto-website for Quarters — an Internet portal for an age group that is often courted but rarely regarded — those of us in our 20s and 30s. We who are expected to lead our countries and indeed, the world into the next phase of enlightenment but who have been given very few resources with which to fight that particular war. Mike and I and others to whom we have spoken have great idea for what we think this venture will be. I assure you, it will look better and it will work better in the very near future. Right now, we’re just getting our sea legs.

Soon, Quarters will be an online publication catering to the post collegiate, pre-middle age demographic living through, what is called, their “Quarterlife Crisis.” The general interest web magazine/blog mixes the best of  traditional print journalism ideals with more immediate media outlets.

That alchemy will provide to users on the website, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Tumblr and and other social media a well-rounded digital resource in which people of this generation can give and gain information. It will encompass gripping news and feature stories while using vibrant and visual multimedia storytelling to share news and opinions on politics, popular culture, food, sports and other topics of import to our our readers on a daily basis.

Quarters strives to be on the cutting edge of journalism, starting intelligent conversations on the important topics of the day and helping to shape the conversation for the future.

Of course, that means we will have to cover a wide berth of topics. It will not be easy. But, we will do with what we have. If you look around you, dear reader, I think you will find that kind of thinking is prevalent.

Being apart from the conventional  path that journalism has set forth is the only way to achieve our goals. And, our goals are lofty.

In the future, Quarters hopes to have several viewpoints from across the globe giving their news, opinions and images about topics ranging from global politics to hamburger recipes. They — we — will provide insight on a variety of topics that will, hopefully, be of great interest to all.

But, for now, we have this — a promise that we will bring to you the subjects that matter to us but, more importantly, to you.

We hope that, with feedback from you, we will be able to create a space where our writers, readers, image-providers and whatever else may come to meld their (I believe) similar interests into a living, breathing entity that will serve all of us well.

So … let’s get started.